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Volume 13

Number 7




oobr Index: Volume 13, Number 7

Exhibit This! The Museum Comedies (Metropolitan Theatre Company)

Two With Troubles (Midtown International Theatre Festival)

The Speed Queen (Midtown International Theatre Festival)

The Shadow-Pier (Howling Moon Cab Company)

Stray Dog Hearts (Velocity Theatre Company)

A Line In The Sand (Gemini Productions)

WEBEIME (The Black Gents of Hollywood)

The Engagement (All In Black And White Productions)

DupleX (Badlands Theater Company)

The House of Blue Leaves (Metzler Productions)

The Purpose of Matter In The Universe (Midtown International Theatre Festival)

Richard III (Nicuís Spoon)

The Last One Left (Geek Ink)

The Executioner (Midtown International Theatre Festival)

Washing Machine (Fist In The Pocket)

Dick 2 (Theatre of the Expendable)

The Little Tragedies (Steps Theatre Company)

Purgatorio (The Spare in NY)

Out Of The Flames (Opening Night Entertainment)

The Hand And The Hen (A wokení glacier Production)


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