the off-off-broadway review

oobr Index: Volume 7, Number 5

American Story (Pantheon)

Barstool Words (New Chaos)

Cultural Refugee (Wednesday Kennedy)

Durang by the Dozen: No Guns, No Sofas (Lightning Strikes)

I Took Your Name (Michael Howard Nathanson)

Icons & Outcasts (John Montgomery)

Java Jive (Mitzfah Prods)

Jihad (New Perspectives)

Little Delusions (Common Basis)

The Lover (the box theatre)

Macbeth (Cry Havoc)

Marat/Sade (Castillo)

A Memory Play (MoonSoup Prods.)

Much Ado About Nothing (Cry Havoc)

Pericles (What You Will)

The Rivals (Kings County Shakespeare Co.)

A Selection of One-Act Plays by George Bernard Shaw (Deptford Players)

Splash! 2000 (Waterfront Ensemble)

sTopLess Go-Go Girls at the Troll Hole (lePhew! Prods)

Three by Beckett (Raw Space)

The Women in My Soul (Holbee Prods)

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