the off-off-broadway review


oobr Index: Volume 11, Number 23

Les Belles Soeurs (The Beautiful Sisters) (Woman Seeking . . .)

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) (Gallery Players)

Dying Goldfish (Nosedive Productions)

The Full Monty (Gallery Players)

Incredible Sex (Foolish Theatre Company)

A Little of What You Fancy… an Authentic British Music Hall (Theater Ten Ten)

A Loss of Color (NativeAliens Theatre Collective)

The Master Builder (Fresh Look Theatre Company)

Meaningful Sex (Danny’s Skylight Room)

The Persians: a comedy about war with five songs (Waterwell Drop)

The Pursuit of Persephone (Prospect Theater Company)

Quiet Cry (PASSAJJ Productions, Ltd.)

The Three Musketeers (Wings Theatre Co.)

The Winter’s Tale (ShakespeareNYC)

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