Coming of age

Thirty and Bloodthirsty

Written and performed by Amanda Vogel
Dixon Place
Non-union production (closed)
Review by John Michael Koroly

Monologist Amanda Vogel has just turned 30 and we're going to hear about it. Thirty and Bloodthirsty is the title of her new solo work showcased last month at Dixon Place, and Vogel showed every bit of the latter attribute as of the former.

As she enters her fourth decade, she weighs positive and negative aspects of the aging process. She is aided by two music stands labeled ``Good'' and ``Bad,'' with examples printed on placards. Some balance each other off, and others fit into both categories (such as ``Learning More About Men'').

As in her past shows, sex takes a Copernican position in Vogel's universe. Unashamedly, nay, proudly horny, she worries over the creeping loss of her identity as a ``really great piece of ass.'' Few writers or performers can show off as much rude, funky joy in heir sex drives as does Vogel, like when she corrects a friend who calls her a flirt. ``I'm not a flirt,'' she asserts. ``I'm a slut!''

And her eye for hypocrisy remains well-focused. The best example of this is an almost surreal video clip from the Newlywed Game where the husbands crow in response to Bob Eubanks's question as to how many ``fillies'' they'd ``broken in'' before getting married. Vogel follows this up with the question of how the audience would react if it were the wives bragging about ``how many stallions they'd mounted.''

However, certain recurrent flaws are becoming apparent in Vogel's style. Repeating the same word or phrase five or six times in the course of a routine quickly dissipates whatever comic potential the original idea had.

If the structure of the piece is a bit shaggy, its content makes it worth working on and honing in future incarnations. And, as a performer, Vogel has a unique presence -- she pulsates with both an edgy intelligence and an electric air of nihilism, all beneath a deceptively laconic surface. She remains a fiercely funny, often exciting artist of the spoken word. (And you have to see the red-fur bikini dance she does to close the show.)

Box Score:
Writing 1
Directing 1
Acting 2
Set 1
Costumes 2
Lighting/Sound 1
Copyright 1996 John Michael Koroly

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